Oven Cleaning

Our experienced technicians use eco-friendly products to ensure your oven looks brand new. We are cleaning your oven without the chemicals so you have nothing to worry about. Clean oven throughout Sydney areas are your oven fairies so that you don’t have to do the difficult task yourself. Our prices are extremely affordable and you will be happy with the results every time.

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About the Service

At Clean Oven, we understand that a sparkling clean oven is more than just a kitchen appliance; it’s a cornerstone of culinary excellence and a symbol of a well-maintained home. Our specialized oven cleaning services are designed to restore your oven to its pristine condition, ensuring it operates at peak performance while enhancing the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Oven Cleaning Service includes:

Standard Oven Clean$195
Standard Oven with Separate Grill$240
Large Oven (650mm – 899mm)
Extra Large Oven (900mm – 1200mm)$350
One & Half Oven$270
Double Oven$360
Standard Microwave$70
Fridge Clean$90- $250
Light Replacement$25 (Exclusive Part Price)

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